Vicki J.


I started on Klamax Mid March, to see if I could go off my HRT medications. 2 weeks ago I went off my oestrogen patch which I had slowly spread out the time between changing (normally every 3 days) and cut the last one in half. I also stopped my Prometrium 100mg which is a micronised progesterone tablet a week ago. I’ve had no hot flushes, mood swings or anything !! Very, very happy now, I’m on a natural product that has sooo many benefits for my health  ? 

Dr. Ken Pepperdine, M.D.


Here's a direct quote from a patient who suffered a serious concussion about 8 months ago: "After 6 days, I've been getting a huge improvement, quicker thinking, ability to sort/ organize things and conversations better, less tired, able to socialize more with family and generally happier". Note...this woman has been on disability and not responding well to any  other therapies until Klamax®.

Krista F.R.

Amazing Product

I have an 11yr old with Autism and ADHD. We’ve been using Klamax for about 2.5 weeks and these are the changes we’ve noted: Increased and clear communication including conversational (not just scripted) speech, initiating play, imaginative play, happier demeanour, compliant, following 2 and 3 step instructions, cracking jokes, better sleep, regular bowel movements, increased appetite, reduced rigidity. His repetitiveness is still there (and has maybe even increased) but I think that it’s more that he’s finally able to communicate and wants to be sure that he’s understood.  ? The change is SOOOOO profound. I can’t wait for him to go back to school on Monday and see what they notice! …His teachers and aide have commented on his improvement in self-regulation, ability to stay with tasks longer and increased responsiveness to praise/encouragement. All things that will improve his learning abilities, I think!

Connie J.

Thank you

We have never been world travelers as I am absolutely afraid of flying! I am a little embarrassed to admit that prior to flying I spent weeks imagining many “death by airplane crash incidents” and was totally uncomfortable throughout the entire flight!... My husband was flown to Hamilton, ON today, and I was included (lucky me)! Usually, I decline! Our flight was just over 3 hours to Hamilton. Last night I realized I did not do the days and days of worry! It did not consume me and I enjoyed both flights completely free of the usual anxiety surrounding it! Thank you Klamax!!!!!

Michelle V.

Love it!!

Despite the fact the event I went to was a bit stressful, I was engaged, uplifted, never feeling stressed.  Even though it was a long event, and stressful to boot, I felt competent, engaged and in control. I felt like I could concentrate, and participate. I felt AWAKE.  Seriously. This stuff is the FREAGGIN BOMB. I am a microbiologist by degree, but YEARS out of it, so trust me...I get skeptical, but not always caught up on the knowledge.  Thank you Dr Stefano Scoglio....your discovery has brought back LIFE into my being, without prescription drugs.  I'm no zombie, and I'm not feeling like I'm 'muddling' through.  I pray that everyone who suffers from depression can feel this way, on a natural product. 

Drew M.

Very good

I am now just days into taking 4 grams of Klamax® daily, and I'm already noticing an increase in muscle mass in my shoulders, chest and arms and my sleep, which wasn't really all that bad to begin with, has gotten even deeper with more vivid dreaming... And I just finished a 3 days writing project where I had to gather a ton of information and pull out the most important parts, and then reassemble into clear and concise content... Normally I would be mentally drained from that kind of assignment but not so this time... Feeling great with lots of mental energy and physical energy! 

Beverly K.

Best Klamax

I started...Klamax 3 days ago. I have not changed my diet. I'm a 71 year old type 1 brittle diabetic since I was 30. My blood sugars have dropped drastically…The last 5 mornings I woke up with BS below 100. This morning I didn't feel like getting up but my cat Kiki came up on my chest and kept meowing loudly until I got up and checked my BS. It was 54. Thank goodness Kiki kept yelling at me!...The first day after starting Klamax the night before, I had a massive dark green BM, and several more during the day. I felt tired and took a nap in the afternoon. I felt like like I was on detox. I haven't done a detox in several years, so it was about time. This morning was my low BS episode and I slept all day until 5 pm. Oh yes, I've lost 7 lbs and my slacks are getting loose in the waist.

Sally-Jo L.


We have been taking Klamax® for a couple months now. My husband, Gerry, had a small cataract that grew very large in 2 months time. It was behind his lens, whereby most are on the surface of the lens. This past Thursday he had it removed. On his post op visit the Dr looked at his eye and said he was doing great…At today's visit they were surprised that his eye looked so good and was healing quickly. We attribute this fast healing to Klamax®. He believes that Klamax has definitely been the reason his eye has done so well. He is acting like a kid since he sees so clearly and won't have To wear glasses anymore.