Become a customer / preferred customer

The first step to enter the super-healthy Nutrigea World is to become a Customer, buying and trying our amazing products.

To become a Customer you need to be sponsored by a Distributor, or, if you do not have any sponsor, to register into the system asking for a sponsor, that will be attributed automatically to you. By registering as a Customer, you acess a permanent 10% discount on all products, and if you're happy with that, you can just keep such position.

On the other hand, you can also immediately (even with the firts order) progress to the position of Preferred Customer; by buying a qualified kit (link), you access the privileges of the Preferred Customer: 15% discount on all products by enrolling in the auto-shipment program; and the possibility of sponsoring other Customers or Preferred Customers. After sponsoring 1 other Customer, you move up to a permanent 20% discount on all products; by sponsoring 3 other Customers, you access free shippiing on your orders (within continental USA) or significant discounts on shipping outside of the USA.

At any moment, or also to begin with, you can move up to the position of Distributor.

User type discounts Sponsored 1 Sponsored 3
All users Only referred
Customer - 10.00% - -
Preferred customer 10.00% - additional 10% additional 10% and free shipping
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